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No education is worth until and unless it is not worth enough to serve you livelihood along with name and fame. Animation as a career option is one such field where one such field where one can fulfill their dreams while enjoying work and getting self satisfaction and praise from the audience. The George Group proudly launched George Animatrix with the vision of bringing in the global standard of animation to Bengal and providing proficient animation manpower to minimize the ascending demand – supply ratio to this industry. George Animatrix is the first ever institute introducing unique multimedia and Animation training programs which are completely designed and operated from the studio-not from the classroom.
The George Animatrix school of Animation (GASA) offers a unique program that combines the best of animation study with state-of-the-art facility with resourceful members of faculty. It provides the opportunity to gain practical experience of working with the industry professionals as all the faculty members who are from the Animatrix own studio.
Studio internship program is mandatory for every student, where students must engage in live projects to experience the real pipeline and actual production material. All the courses are encouraged with practical oriented classes of 10% lecture, 20% lab demonstration, 20% workshop training, 50% project work which ensures a trainee job ready for this lucrative career option. The course curriculum has been designed with hands-on-work
with production ready characters as the students visit studios equipped with latest tools and facilities for 2D and 3D animation, audio and video editing, compositing ad VFX. It offers courses blending print and digital media specialization. The focus of these classes will be to help one understand the field as a whole, while one acquires a language that is common to the animation industry. Students can directly interact, discuss share and analyse the different case studies with the industry professionals of print Media, web, digital Media, Film and Television.
We take this opportunity to introduce our company as one of the pioneers in the field of Animation, Graphics and VFX in eastern part of India. We have been in this service Industry trying to give the quality output and in stipulated time frames. For us our client is the king and we always try to reach the satisfaction level of the client.
Animatrix has more than 60 people working and churning out best quality animation be it 2D or 3D. Our infrastructure is equipped with latest technology and the employees are always kept abreast with the latest developments on the technology front.
We have creative core team which makes it sure that the quality is in line with the client satisfaction and time frame is adhered to.
Animatrix has a healthy mix of management expertise and animation talent. The studio aims to be one stop shop providing a range of digital and media services to clients. It is powered by proactive peak performing professionals rooted in principles with profound insight, promise and provides our patrons profits with panache in a pleasant atmosphere. Each member has solid background in 2D, 3D, Computer Graphic, movies. Each is ready to implement this knowledge and best use it for your purposes. Together we deliver outstanding quality projects. Animatrix’s end products are enduring characters, Visual FX, and Graphics that delight audience of all ages and all nationalities.
ANIMATRIX is a name, now becomes a synonym of animation and multimedia production. This is only because of ANIMATRIX’s contribution to this Industry since last 14 years.
  • More than 400 own produced animated home video title.
  • Since last 7 years regular presence in Satellite Channel.
  • In house directorial team to post production setup.
  • International and national client base.
    Graphic Design
    Diploma in 2D animation
    Advanced video editing
    Scrip writting and direction
    Web design
    3D Beginners
    Diploma in 3D animation
    Advanced audio editing
    Advanced DMAT
    Certificate in visual effects
    Advanced certificate in visual effects
    Form Object